Scallywags Uniform

All children at Scallywags are encouraged to partake in messy play each day, this can involved a wide variety of materials and substances that they would not normally be able to explore. We are fully aware that whilst at home its quite understandable they are unable to play with Mud, Baked Beans, Jelly or ice indoors!

Whilst we do make every effort to keep children’s clothing clean with the use of aprons our little ones (as well as our staff!) often go home with tell tale signs of a good time on their clothing! For this reason, and whilst not compulsory, we do encourage parents to purchase our non profitable uniform. Should you wish to send your child to nursery in their usual clothing we kindly ask that you do not send them in designer label items!

The Scallywags uniform also has other benefits, during group outings to places such as a farm or zoo there are often other groups of children from schools or nurseries, we are able to instantly and easily identify our children when they are utilising larger communal areas such as picnic or soft play zones.

Uniform items are available in sky blue or yellow;
Polo shirts with logo - £5
Sweatshirts with logo - £6.50

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