Trips and Outings

We have the luxury of being within a community which has lots to offer the children. As often as possible we will take the children on trips and outings. There is a wide breadth of experiences and learning opportunities to be utilised on trips to local parks, library, supermarket, pet shops, train station, fire house etc.

A minimum of once per year we also organise large whole nursery outings which parents and carers are invited to attend, we travel together by coach to exciting places such as wild life parks, beaches, the zoo etc. Taking a picnic lunch, supplies and armed with cameras to capture memories of the day we split into smaller groups and go off to explore! This is a fantastic chance for parents to get to know each other better, to see how your child interacts with staff and their friends and brings your presence into their nursery life.

We link outings into termly topics that are delivered, some examples of these are;



OFSTED inspection Oct 2008 –
Children develop knowledge and understanding of the world as they learn about different types of transport and make visits into the local community, and visit places such as the museum

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