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Staff-Child Relationship

We are a small friendly day nursery catering for 39 children per day, this itself enables the setting to be very homelike which enables children to feel settled very quickly, because of this every child knows every staff member which makes transition from one room to another that much easier. We have relatively small classes which enables our staff to develop further bonds with the children and give quality care and assess the needs of all individual children.


Staff Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Training

We are a fully inclusive setting with experience in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, we have 3 trained and experienced SEND Co-odinators who have worked with children with many different types of SEND. We also have staff who support children with additional needs within their own family, and understand the fears and support some parents may need. We work closely with parents and carers and value their input and support. Parents and specialist teachers, or medical professionals are invited into the setting to work alongside the SEND co-ordinators to write their child’s one page document, and the graduated response approach and care-plan if required. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage national curriculum planning activities based on children’s interests, needs and developmental stage.

We have places available for children who are eligible for the government funding 2 year old offer and the 3 year old entitlement offering 15 hours of free childcare.

The settings SEND co-ordinators work closely with outside agencies and specialist teachers to provide continuous support.
The setting has worked as a team to support SEND working to develop knowledge and understanding in the Early language development programs, Speech and Language, Autism and behaviour and social development. The setting also has a member of staff who has completed a course in ELKLAN speech and language and complex needs.


Staff First Aid Trained


The setting insists on ALL members of staff being paediatric first aid trained and completing refresher courses. The setting also has experience of working with children with allergies and staff have participated in relevant training for administration of epi-pens.


Staff DBS Certification and Training in Level 2 Safeguarding


All staff have DBS certificated and are trained to at least level 2 in safeguarding, the setting also has 2 designated safeguarding officers who have undergone relevant training. The setting has a Enco (equality officer) and an Enco committed, equality monitoring and impact questionnaires are carried out during every staff meeting.


Children Engagement & Teachings


Throughout the setting we use visual timetables and use visual props in our daily routine. The staff also use visual props to support behaviour and children are encouraged to help in making their own rooms visual timetable and choice books, they are encourage to speak about feelings and how they are treated by others, the children are taught makaton from 2yrs of age and are introduced to Spanish at 3yrs of age. The setting has a large garden where we are able to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs providing sensory experiences.


Staff – Parent Relationship


We believe in working in partnership with our parents and carers and have an open-door policy, we also utilise home / school diaries, have regular meetings with parents as well as yearly parents evenings . We also like to invite you along to our many outings and fun days.

We are committed to providing support  by following the principles of Early support and the Code of Practice 2014. We work closely and in partnership with the area Senco.

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