Individual Records

When your child begins to attend our nursery we immediately make a start on compiling a development record, this will contain a fully inclusive printed version of the Early Years Foundation Stage. A baseline assessment will be completed by the 6th week of your child’s start date, this enables us to understand the current level of your child’s development and plan their day around their individual needs.

The EYFS divides a child’s development into 7 main areas of learning and then into further subsections. Each subsection contains a breakdown of age brackets, of which have their own age related milestones.

Each child has an exercise book, which will contain snippets of information on their achievements, photographs and knowledge tick list – each exercise book is individual to your child.

Key pieces of your child’s work are also included in this comprehensive development record.

Our achievement records are continually added to throughout your child’s time with us, they are visual, relevant and reflective and most importantly these folders serve as a wonderful keepsake, to look back on in latter years and recall how small your child once was!

Records can be viewed by parents on request.

OFSTED inspection Oct 2008 –
Parents have access to a good range of information about their child, each child’s folder contains observations, assessments, photographs, children’s work and evidence of progress.

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